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What is Newer?

Capital Mountain Camp is an updated modern facility that fit not only training requirements but can be used for private retreats, getaways, vacations, etc.  The cabins are equipped with central heat & air to accommodate year round usage.  Two (2) room cabins to accommodate different ages with private ‘in Cabin & in room’ shower & Lavatory. The Cabins are located in the backdrop of the hills of Colfax, California. Which is only about 41 miles and about 45-60 minutes north of Rancho Cordova via freeway I-80 north. Vehicle assessable roads from start to finish without the need for an off road vehicle. Maps on your cell/I-phone  takes you right to the camp gate: 2150 E. Weimar cross road, Colfax, Ca 95713 (take the Weimar Cross Road exit).


Training Grounds


Excellent training areas to accommodate the many different types of necessary physical training for taekwondo martial arts. Hills, Valleys, Trees, Paved training areas, unpaved training areas, hiking areas, etc.


Team fun or individual fun, no problem , we have it all.


Equipment & Clothing:

You will need to bring a warm sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, and jacket. The weather may be cold in the mornings and evenings. A list of recommended clothing and equipment is as follows:
(Suggested # of pairs) Swimsuit (1), T-Shirt (2-4), Socks (2-4), Extra Shoes, Flashlight, Towels (2-3), Toiletries, Warm Jacket, Long Pants (2-4), Taekwondo Uniform (1), Underwear (2-4), Chapstick, Dirty clothes bags, Shorts or cut offs (2-3), Sweatshirt or sweater, Pajamas or sweats, Insect Repellent, extra batteries/bulb.

Weapons Training:

All Campers participating in any camp weapons training course should purchase their weapons from their instructor and bring their own weapon to camp.

escrima sticks.jpg

Camp Rules:

For the safety of all campers no dogs, cats, or other domestic animals will be permitted. Alcohol and Tobacco use is NOT permitted on campus.

Camp Waiver:

All Staff, Instructors, and Camper need to fill out and complete Camp Waiver and turn it into the Camp Director upon check-in. Click the button below to download the waiver. 

Camp Guest Instructors:


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