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The mission of the TRAINING CAMP is to create the necessary environment to provide a traditional and educational martial arts training experience.  To provide an opportunity for all taekwondo students to experience traditional martial arts training and aid in their development of being a black belt mentally and physically. The National Training Camp experience will also provide a traditional learning platform, to further their martial arts knowledge, and increase their confidence.


 Much of the confidence to wear a black belt is learned and developed through different and challenging experiences, through physical abilities acquired through countless hours of training and then hardened by competition. The National Training Camp will provide new and challenging experiences suitable for all ages and ranks.



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Martial Arts Training Camp: This is designed for children, teenagers, and adults. This camp focuses on the camp experience and the training you cannot receive in your school. The instructors were selected by the CAMP Executive and Director for their specific knowledge of the subject being taught, their professionalism, enthusiasm, taekwondo experience, communication skills and their love of teaching. The students will have a camp learning experience unlike any previous camp. Check the camp flyer for the many different learning experiences.

Camp Waiver

All Staff, Instructors, and Campers need to fill out and complete a Camp Waiver and turn it into the Camp Director upon check-in. Click the button below to download the waiver. 


Camp Dates:

September 26th through September 29th, 2024.

Registration / Check-ins and Check-out:

Check-in option #1

Thursday, 9/26/2024, 12:00pm-2:00pm

Check-in option #2

Friday, 9/27/2024, 9:00am-11:00am


Sunday, 9/29/2024, 1:00pm-2:00pm

*No other check ins or check-out without prior approval.

Camp Price:

$399 per student and $199 per chaperone. (note: Chaperones do not get credit for camp or any additional benefits of being a camper. They are typically parents that help with cabins and their student's medical needs.) 

Payment information is due at the time the application is submitted. The application will not be processed until at least 50% of the payment is received. The balance will be due before or on date of the camp sign-in.

*Non-Refundable can be used for a qualified replacement or a future camp.

**Colors of Camp Tracksuit & Camp Jacket can not be guaranteed!

Camp Location:

Capital Mountain Camp, 2150 East Weimar Cross Road, Weimar, CA 95736


Includes the study of Taekwondo history, philosophy, advanced sparring, and self defense Techniques, Bo-Staff, Nunchuku and much, much more. Participation is limited reserve your spot TODAY!!!

Additional Activities:

Include swimming, nature hikes, basketball court, backpacking and campfire programs.


During our Martial Arts Training Camp, room and board will be provided. The cabins are equipped with central heat & air to accommodate year round usage. Two (2) room cabins to accommodate different ages with private ‘in Cabin & in room’ shower & Lavatory.

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